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Post summary: This a commercial post in which I am going to promote Ezoic as a platform for increasing your AdSense earnings. I will describe how to integrate with it.

History of my blog

I started my blog by chance. There was a problem, I could not find a solution for on the internet. I solved it on my own and I decided to share my solution. This became very addictive. I started to write in BlogSpot (now Blogger) for different things I do on the job. At some point of time, I bought a domain (back in the time name sounded so cool, now it is too late to change it) and hosting, found some WordPress theme (it is obvious, that I did not spend much effort) and I officially had a blog. I had decided this is my online CV which I will always try to keep up to date. After a while, I decided to try Google AdSense, to see how it works. Pretty fast I managed to put some ads on the blog. I did not spend much time on it, I was doing it for fun. I decided to keep them on because my blog started to look much more colorful. I got really surprised that this actually worked. I was making money out of my blog. Well, money is exaggerated, just enough to pay for the domain and the hosting. Recently I tried Ezoic, they stated that they will increase my revenue 2-3 times and it is free of charge. Why not try it, I had nothing to lose. To be honest, I did not take this seriously, an increase of 2-3 times, I did not believe my blog had such potential. Finally, everything was set up. I will explain how this is done later in the post. I noticed that my AdSense revenue collapsed. Well, not a big deal I said. I do it for fun. Then I received an email from my hosting that my CPU time is at 80% and it was just the middle of the month. The situation was twice as bad as it should have been. Then I logged in Ezoic dashboard and I was stunned. My revenues there were 10 times more than I usually earned. Yes, 10 times, 1000%. I questioned myself, are those guys that good or I totally failed setting AdSense first time? It does not really matter, I never wanted to excel AdSense and spent time on it, I focus on delivering interesting content for the blog, my goal is not monetization of the blog. Despite that, I found a service that does the monetization for me.

Why do you need a blog?

I would definitely encourage anyone to start a blog. On the one hand, the best way to understand something is to try to explain it in an understandable way to others. On the other hand, you spent some time at work and you do exciting stuff (hopefully). After some years on the job you decide to move on, you start updating your CV. Surprise! You have no idea what you have been doing all those years. Actually, it is no surprise, this is the brilliance of our brain, to dispose of information we do not really need now. This is why you should keep a journal of what you have been doing over the years on the job (or for fun in life). It might not be in the format of a public blog, it may be a private document you have. But you should keep doing it.

Setup Ezoic

Let’s say you are still reading this and you want to try Ezoic. Here is the link. Note this is an affiliate link! I will get a reward if you register through it, the more you earn, the more my reward is. And it costs nothing for you. I will be very thankful to you if you start earning big time. Once you create an account, you need to integrate your site with Ezoic platform.

Integration with Ezoic

Ezoic offers 3 ways of integration:

  • Embedding some JavaScrit – totally out of question, no matter it is very simple, I did not have the time to do it.
  • WordPress plugin – that sounded cool and I initially went for it. I abandoned this one when I got alarmed for the increased hosting CPU usage. The usage comes from both the plugin and Ezoic trying to do best adds configuration. Cutting off the plugin is really a good idea.
  • Change your DNS – this is the one I really recommend. It is the easiest and you receive the Ezoic CDN and caching as a bonus. I had some issues with caching, so I had to exclude WordPress admin pages out of it.

Enable Ezoic and setup Ad Tester with Placeholders

Once the integration is done you need to enable Ezoic and setup Ad Tester. Place some different ads configurations. Put as many placeholders as reasonably possible. In the end, Ezoic decides which are the best-performing ones and visualizes them. They use some machine learning algorithms which I guess take lots of input to form a decision model. They show more ads to users that tend to spend more time on the site. If you just visited, the amount of ads is low. Honestly, for me, ads are such a repeller, and still, I have joined the dark forces…

Apply for Google Ad Exchange

This is a simple step where you register with Google. After a couple of days, you receive an email with a detailed description that your site needs to be added an ads.txt file.

Add ads.txt file

Ignore Google’s email. Go to and make an account. Go to +Sellers, search for Ezoic and authorize it. Now integrate Ads txt manager. There are two options:

  • WordPress plugin – you put your account ID, honestly, it was little hard to understand how to configure it, and eventually, I dropped it out. Another plugin that consumes CPU.
  • Redirect instruction in your .htacees file – this is what I recommend. The line of code is given to you from Ads txt manager when you integrate.

Final configurations

This was the hard configuration part. Now you have to be patient and see how your ads are performing. Once you start earning you have to set up a payment method from Payment Settings, so you can receive your money. Also, I went for a monthly plan with Ezoic, it is very cheap, actually they take from your earnings, so you do not actually pay it. I wanted to support them, so they can keep rocking.


This is a pure commercial post, something very unusual for this blog. That is why it is not in the main section, but us a separate page. I am really happy with Ezoic, I joined the dark forces of advertising out of curiosity and for now will stay with them. I do not do advertising for a living, but for fun. There are people doing it for living and Ezoic can make their lives easier and better. I would recommend to give it a try. I would be thankful if you use my affiliate link: Ezoic.