Convert NUnit 3 to NUnit 2 results XML file

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Post summary: Examples how to convert NUnit 3 result XML file into NUnit 2 result XML file.

Although NUnit 3 was officially released in November 2015 still there are CI tools that do not provide support for parsing NUnit 3 result XML files. In this post, I will show how to convert between formats so CI tools can read NUnit 2 format.

NUnit 3 console runner

The easiest way is if you are using NUnit 3 console runner. It can be provided with an option: –result=TestResult.xml;format=nunit2.

Nota bene: Mandatory for this to work is to have nunit-v2-result-writer in NuGet packages directory otherwise an error will be shown: Unknown result format: nunit2.

Convert NUnit 3 to NUnit 2

If tests are being run in some other way other than NUnit 3 console runner then solution below is needed. There is no program or tool that can do this conversion, so custom one is needed. This is a Powershell script that uses nunit-v2-result-writer assemblies and with their functionality converts the XML files:

$assemblyNunitEngine = 'nunit.engine.api.dll';
$assemblyNunitWriter = 'nunit-v2-result-writer.dll';
$inputV3Xml = 'TestResult.xml';
$outputV2Xml = 'TestResultV2.xml';

Add-Type -Path $assemblyNunitEngine;
Add-Type -Path $assemblyNunitWriter;
$xmldoc = New-Object -TypeName System.Xml.XmlDataDocument;
$fs = New-Object -TypeName System.IO.FileStream -ArgumentList $inputV3Xml,'Open','Read';
$xmlnode = $xmldoc.GetElementsByTagName('test-run').Item(0);
$writer = New-Object -TypeName NUnit.Engine.Addins.NUnit2XmlResultWriter;
$writer.WriteResultFile($xmlnode, $outputV2Xml);

Important here is to give a proper path to nunit.engine.api.dll, nunit-v2-result-writer.dll and NUnit 3 TestResult.xml files. Powershell script above is equivalent to following C# code:

using System.IO;
using System.Xml;
using NUnit.Engine.Addins;

public class NUnit3ToNUnit2Converter
	public static void Main(string[] args)
		var xmldoc = new XmlDataDocument();
		var fileStream 
			= new FileStream("TestResult.xml", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
		var xmlnode = xmldoc.GetElementsByTagName("test-run").Item(0);

		var writer = new NUnit2XmlResultWriter();
		writer.WriteResultFile(xmlnode, "TestResultV2.xml");

File samples

Here is a collection of several NUnit result files. there with V3 are NUnit 3 format, those with V2_NUnit are generated with –result=TestResult.xml;format=nunit2 option and those with V2_Converted are converted with the code above.


Although little inconvenient it is possible to convert NUnit 3 to NUnit 2 result XML files using Powershell scripts and nunit-v2-result-writer assemblies.